Sexual Infections- The Facts

Genital Warts

  • Are the commonest sexual infection
  • Are caused by a virus that many of us will have had without knowing it
  • Are pretty harmless - we treat them because they don't look nice
  • Are usually easy to treat - we can freeze them in the clinic or give you cream to apply yourself at home

DID YOU KNOW? Condoms don't give great protection against catching the wart virus


  • Is the commonest bacterial sexual infection
  • Usually causes no symptoms in women - and often doesn't in men either
  • Is usually treated with a single dose antibiotic
  • If not properly treated can cause infertility in women and lead to ectopic pregnancy
DID YOU KNOW? If your partner has chlamydia, there's a good chance you have it too - you need to be tested and treated to make sure you don't pass it back and to 


  • Is very catching
  • Often causes no symtoms in women - men often get a sticky discharge from the penis
  • Is easy to treat - usually with a single dose antibiotic
DID YOU KNOW? You can catch gonorrhoea if someone gives you oral sex and they are carrying the infection in the back of their throat


  • Causes blisters and sores on the skin of the penis, vagina or round the anus
  • Is usually painful or irritating
  • Can be caught from oral sex if the person performing it has a cold sore
DID YOU KNOW? The average person with herpes gets 2-3 outbreaks per year, but these are usually mild and don't need any treatment


  • Can cause a rash over the body - especially the palms and soles
  • Is more common in men who have sex with other men
  • If untreated can cause brain and heart problems years later
DID YOU KNOW? Syphilis can be cured with antibiotic injections - but you can catch it more than once